Carnevale FAQ

It’s time for a big rules update!

We’ve been listening to all the questions and feedback about Carnevale, and compiled the best into our new FAQ document. This is a living document that will be periodically updated as more characters come out and more rules are pushed in new directions.

Click the dice above to be whisked away to the Carnevale site where you’ll find the FAQ.

What’s in it?

There are three sections to the FAQ (like all good ones):

  1. FAQ – the Frequently Asked Questions from all the fans. This is primarily from the Carnevale fan page on Facebook, but also from gamers at events and through email.
  2. Errata – some needed changes to the Carnevale rulebook. We tried to make the rules as stable as possible, but when a game gets out into the wild, people do things we don’t expect, or some printing errors make it through. This section replaces certain parts of the book with new rules. Don’t worry, they’re not extensive – just a few clarifications on how rules are meant to work, with one or two changes designed to help the game play how its meant to.
  3. Experimental Rules – this section is pretty exciting! This is where we put out some new trial rules for everyone. These will re-balance a couple of aspects of the game. It’s up to you whether you use them or not, but we’d appreciate any feedback you have on these rules!

What Changes Are There?

Just a few!

There are two experimental rules:

  • Opposed Rolls now work a little differently, with your opponent’s roll subtracting from your dice number before rolling. This makes Drowning and Grappling a little more deadly, and disengaging from base contact more successful. It also makes it a little easier to explain to people!
  • Dispelling magic lost its distance restriction, meaning you’ll have many more opportunities to dispel enemy spells.

There are also a few tweaks in the errata, including:

  • Clarifications on the Destiny Dice, with examples of Successes, Failures, Criticals, and Fumbles.
  • A nerf to out of sequence activations to stop people doing them over and over!
  • Mages casting spells while in base contact now only get hit once, no matter how many models there are.
  • Gateway nerf! No more teleporting people into the air to watch them fall.

Do I Have to Use These Changes?

Not if you don’t want to! These are improvements to the game that we (and you) have been playing a lot. If you want to skip them, that’s okay, but we’d definitely recommend using these changes in your games.

That’s Well and Good, But When Can I Have More Models?!

Very very soon! We’ve got new miniatures coming basically every month, and we’re now starting to get into brand new territory with never seen before models and brand new character profiles!


As always, stay tuned to TTCommunity for more info, and let us know what you think of these new rules tweaks!

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