Monday Motivation, Twisted Shadowy Motivation.

For this weeks Monday Motivation we have a fantastic example of a Twisted Shadows team painted by François Gicquel.

We really liked these when we first saw them in the office  back in Febuary and they finally get their turn. We love the very different take on the Gorgon, normally we see, including our own models here in the office, a dark snake part and pale human part. François has flipped that and it looks amazing.

It adds a fantastic contrast to the whole team and they look fantastically twisted and very menacing, as they should.

We always love seeing what you guys do with RUMBLESLAM! Whether you go for a serious paint job, or a real cartoon, over the top wrestling style paint job, we always love seeing our RUMBLESLAM! Fans work.

Excellent job François and thanks for sending the photos in. Remember, if you have a paint job, or a conversion, or even a diorama that you are really proud of using our products, please send us some pictures

Have a great week everyone!



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