New Release Friday: Orc Walls


OI OI! Big Boss SCRAPPA is back! We’z gonna look at noo fings wot my mek made for ya. Lewis is out fer now. I told ‘im dat der woz a milkshake sale an’ he ran. Into my fist. Ee’s sleepin’ it off.

I woz sick of oomies breakin’ in an’ smashin’ me bildingz, so my mek smashed up some scrap and built us sum wallz!

First off, we made wallz! Deez are Straight Orc Walls (well, sorta straight – itz da best we cud do wiv scrap). Yoo get 2 in a pack. Fer 8 teef, dat’s a good start!

Dey hav little widgets on dem (yoo can see dem in da picture) to conneckt togevver. Means yoo can make a huoooge wall!!

I woz happy wiv just won big wall goin round da hole planet, but then we ran into a big boulder. I fort we’d just give up, but da smart mekz came up wiv a good anser: cornerz!

So dey put 3 cornerz togevver in a pack for yer: da Corner Orc Walls! 2 small wuns an’ 1 big wun. Nice!

Da wall was lookin’ great (and da boyz said dat we’d make da grotz pay fer it!), but we found a problem. We built it so good dat we were stuck outside!

I smash a big hole in da wall ta get back to my lunch, and told da mekz to put a gate in der. Da Orc Wall Gate!

Wiv a buncha chains ta lift it up now da boyz can go in an out. I’ll sell it to ya… 6 teef! Wait, is dat too cheep? Nah, 6 teef!

Well we were gonna build da wall all da way round da world, but we ran outta scrap. So we err… well, we just stopped buildin’.

Dats why yoo have deez Ruined Orc Walls. Dey are still good, but not great. Good place to end a wall though. How about 6 teef? Bargain!

All those wallz are good, but put dem togevver and you’ve got an Orc Stronghold!

No wun is gettin’ in here wivvout a scrap, and we’z keep scrappin’ em when they get in too!

Dis is a great set, and my meks made LOADS so yoo can buy da whole fing for a bargain price. How about 23 teef? Datz MUCH cheaper than gettin’ em all on their own!


All deez sets are up on da website ta buy RITE NOW! BUY DEM NOW! We ship dem to yoo on Monday. Or maybe somewun else will, cuz I don’t want ta hahaha!



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  1. Da Bad Moons Warboss sez we need sum ov these to create a compound outside da battle bunker ta keep da trukks an battlewagonz in. Wot a good idea we sez. Gonna go and beat up some ov doz weaklin’ Goffs to get da teef we need ta pay fer it all.

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