New Scenario for the Rialto Assassin!

Hello Venetians, we’re back with our last Carnevale article of the week. This time we have a brand new Scenario for you!

Hired Knives.

In this scenario one player plays a lone Rialto Assassin, hired to take out the defender’s leader!

It won’t be as simple as surviving, however. The defender also has a goal of their own. 3 objectives are placed along the centre of the board that need to be delivered safely to the defender’s board edge.

All the assassin needs to do is to stay alive and kill the defending leader. While the Rialto Assassin is an all round strong character, we’ve given him a single Command Point and some equipment. While he can’t use it to give himself any extra actions, he can use it to gain some re-rolls using the Guild’s Command Ability. You’ll need to time it right as you’ll only have the single turn of a limited number of re-rolls.

Here in the office we’ve come up with a few strong Gangs that the defender can use. Chris came up with a mean list consisting of Vlad Dracula, a Bride, a Common Strigoi, and a Leather Undershirt. My Rashaar list is a Magi-Rashaar, a Karcharos, two Aglaopes and a Climbing Tools. Not quite as offensively powered, but you do have 3 characters that can use Gateway, a brilliant spell that can put a dampener on the assassins plans.

The scenario is available to download right now in the Resources section of the Carnevale website.

You can get your own Rialto Assasin here and can see the rest of the Carnevale range here.

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