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We’re a little late with our Teaser Tuesday this week, apologies everyone! See, the thing is – it was Easter weekend and it was sunny in Cornwall, so we all spent the weekend lazing around eating chocolate ice creams on the beach. It’s a hard life…

Anyway, snap back to reality today with a trip to the fictional world of the far future!

This Friday we’re going to be releasing some more of our Orc terrain kits. We have four on sale this Friday, and I’m going to show you two of them today.

First up is the Mek Workshop. This is a small kit that would work perfectly for fixing up your Orc vehicles. It contains everything a budding Mek needs: there’s a big fuel tank, some tools, loads of sheet metal, and – of course – a massive circular saw for choppin’!

You may remember seeing this one a little while ago!

The other thing that Ben showed off in his WIP Wednesday was the first version of this massive Mek Garage!

This thing is huge – big enough for most trucks to fit underneath. Since the WIP its had a few revisions and mostly notably now sports a lookout tower on the top. This would be a great centrepiece for an Orc board, or just on half of it as your Orc army invades!

There are two more kits to join these on Friday, and there are even more coming out for the Orc range shortly after too. Keep an eye on TTCommunity for details, and pop back Friday for a look at all the new releases!

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