This work in progress Wednesday i’ll be showing you some things we are working on in the design room…

Myself, Neil and Mike are all working on some Orc scenery this week. These are some bits on Mike’s desk that will be combined in to something im not going to show you just yet!

This is an Orc Mek Workshop that I have designed previously to accompany our other Orc buildings. It was a good idea but I think it’s a little too small. what we really need is something bigger…



To get a brief idea of what I wanted I made up a 3D model. This Mek Garage is large enough to fit any Orc vehicle you happen to have inside.

The first pass at construction has a few notes written on it as you can see but i’m happy with how it’s coming together.

There are a few additions to this kit that I have yet to make.

As always everything you see here is subject to change so make look a little different on release. That’s it for this week, keep an eye out for these and thanks for reading.


3 Replies to “ORCS! ORCS! ORCS!”

  1. Don’t know if anyone else agrees but I wish you’d tone down the skullz on these a bit. Still going to buy it though 🙂

  2. This looks brilliant. I have two out of the three other Orc models, which are also very good. Greeners are too often overlooked, so I, and my boys, are extremely grateful for the additional buildings. Keep up the good work fellows.

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