Monday Dwarven Motivation

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for some motivation! This weeks Motivation is a Runic Thunder team that really stands out!

Thanks to John Jack for sending these in for us to show off. We absolutely love how bright these dwarves are and the metallic colouring on the Golem.

Let’s have a closer look.

Here we have an Engineer that looks like he’s had a lot of work to do on the golem, the oil stains on his overalls will take some work to clean. The metal keen pads are a great touch. The Glory Seeker is certainly going to catch some attention with his orange hair.

The Brawler and Grappler are ready to get in that ring and show that it’s not the height of a wrestler that matters, but their muscles!

The Golem looks absolutely amazing. Really looking like a Steampunk inspired machine, kept in top shape by the Engineer and able to dominate the ring.

Thanks again John for sending these in. If this has inspired you to play some RUMBLESLAM! Then head over to our webstore and you can pick up everything you need to get started.

As always if you have something you’ve painted or built that you are especially proud of, please send it in to us at and we’ll show the most inspiring projects on here every Monday.

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