Teaser Tuesday – Show Me Your WAR Buildings

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time to see what’s coming out this week!

We’ve got our next batch of World War buildings this Friday. I know it’s bank holiday, but we’ll still be working hard!

We have seven new kits coming out on Friday, which is – frankly – ludicrous. This month may well be our highest number of releases ever.

This week we’re all about the 25mm scaled World War buildings. Perfect for games of Bolt Action (among others). These will add to our existing sets, released recently.

We have three different houses this week, including the pictured 25mm Village Maison Amelie. With full interior detailing, removable roof and removable floors, you can fight indoors too!

Each of these new kits has removable floors, which slot together in a really handy way – it means you’ll be able to garrison any building you want to and not worry about lining up fiddly floors to get the game going again.

Our quaint little village is going to have a market day! These little 25mm  Village Market Stalls are great scatter terrain, even including that cute little cart!

You get 4 in a set with two carts, and each will fit a few soldiers inside too, meaning they’re very practical for your games.

The last kit we’re previewing today is the 25mm Village Hotel. Which is no surprise since it was in the thumbnail!

This massive kit makes an excellent centrepiece for any board, and is likely to be the biggest building in any small village. Although it’s massive, it too comes with removable floors all the way down to the ground level, meaning it’s a great place to fight over.


All of these kits and more will be available to order in the TTCombat webstore on Friday, so stop by then to find out all the details.

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