New Release Friday – MORE Streets of Venice

Lots of new kits today!

We have a lot to get through, so let’s dive straight in!

Our first new release we already looked at earlier this week – the Palazzo Valteria. This massive kit is the biggest Streets of Venice building we’ve made (so far!). With three (fully removable) storeys, it’s tall and wide! This is the perfect centrepiece for a table, and makes a brilliant building for the Party Interrupted scenario from the Carnevale rulebook.

We also saw the Chisea di San Paternian on Teaser Tuesday this week, and its available now!

With many improved features from the old Chapel, it’s a great kit for your games. And so much easier to get inside of now!

The whole top roof comes off to access the interior, which has a cross-shaped platform above – all the better for jumping down onto your enemies!

Our next product is an updated version of one of our most popular bridges. The Leon Bridge spans a double-wide canal, and is now made entirely out of MDF, so it’s not only more durable, but £2 cheaper than it used to be. Nice!

And what good is a bridge if you have no streets to put it on?

Quick fire on these ones! We have new versions of the Small, Medium, Large, and Plaza Streets. These have a bunch of small changes. The big one is that the walls have been pushed in 3mm from the edge. This makes the whole thing a lot more structurally sound and less likely to break when building. Trust us – we’ve built a lot of these!

Also all the designs have been updated to carefully hide the tabs from where they glue together. The brick patterns are proudly on show, concealing your glue joins!

Finally on sale! Corner sections for your canals! We showed these during the Carnevale Kickstarter, and they’re here at last!

This set contains a mixture of small and large corners, perfect for making your tables a little more interesting.

Speaking of things to walk on, we have a new Wooden Jetties set! This is something we’ve been looking at doing for a little while, and once you get some for your Venetian boards you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them!

They fit underneath the streets sections, butting right up against them. Combine them with some gondola poles and you’ll have an awesome looking little dock!

The kit contains a whole bunch of jetties, probably enough to populate an entire board.

Speaking of entire boards, how about this?

The Venetian Block Streets is a new bundle set that contains enough streets to make an entire 2 foot by 2 foot board. We often get people asking exactly how many board sections they should have for a game of Carnevale, and here’s the answer!

If you want a small board for playing on, this is what you should get. And you get a tidy saving on it too. For £25 this is a real bargain!

How about all of you that want a full board though? Well the Venetian Quarter Streets is a full 3’x3′ board! This one is just a massive set that contains more than enough street tiles for you to make a board. We worked out how many you’d need to replace the cardboard tiles in the 2-Player Starter Box. Now you’ll be able to flip those tiles over and use the water sides instead!

And finally, the Venetian Quarter!

Do you want an entire board in one go? This is the set for you!

With all of the new Dimoras and Casas we’ve released recently as well as two Palazzos, the Crisostomo Tower, and a selection of bridges, this set has everything you need. Oh and it’s got extra balconies too, because you always need more balconies.

You may have seen this board at Salute this year – this bundle gets a special price at events, but also has a hefty discount when buying it all together here. If you’re looking to upgrade the cardboard buildings from your Carnevale box, this is the set for you.


All of these new kits (and there are so many of them!) are available to order right now on the TTCombat webstore. Order today and we’ll ship your items first thing* on Monday!


*If you order the whole Quarter it may take a little longer than that to cut – it’s a LOT of wood!


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