New Release Friday – To War (on a slightly larger scale than last week)

Time for new releases again!

That’s right, it’s Friday again. Almost time to kick back and relax in the sun all weekend! Unless you’re at Adepticon I guess. Sorry Don.

Let’s dice straight into the new releases!

We saw the 25mm Chapel earlier this week, and now you can buy it! This kit is really lovely, and has a removable roof for indoor gaming too.

And I told you I’d show you my aspe! Oooh err missus.

The 25mm Stone Bridge we saw earlier this week too. It’s real big, and only £6! What!

Possibly the prettiest kit this week (subjective!) is the 25mm Farmhouse. This awesome piece will make a great focal point in WW2 era games, but also works for older or more modern games too. It features a balcony and removable floors that easily lock together for stability mid-game.

And what’s a farmhouse without a farm?

The 25mm Farm Accessories contain everything you could need to make your farm. With pig sties, chicken coops, water troughs, and even some wall and fence sections, you’ll be raising livestock in no time! Little wooden livestock. We don’t sell those though. YET

What else could you need to make a farm? How about a barn?

The 25mm Barn is a big old kit, with lots of roomy space and a raised platform for raising hay bails or providing covering fire for your troops (whichever you’re into).

Finally, the last kit we have on sale today is the 25mm Guardpost. With a little checkpoint, a guard hut, a raised guard tower and… wait, are those really called hedgehogs? Amazing. I know a good joke about hedgehogs*.

Anyway, this neat little bundle is only £4! That’s amazing!

If you’d like to pick up any of these new releases, pop over to the TTCombat webstore today! Order over the weekend and we’ll send them out on Monday.

And don’t forget, there are loads of exclusives in the webstore this week too!


*Hedgehogs, why can’t they just share the hedge?

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