Event Exclusive Week!

Event season is upon us once again!

With Adepticon kicking off today, we’ve got some event exclusives up on the website, and in person!

If you’re visiting Adepticon, make sure to pop by and say hi to Don at the TTCombat booth. We’re 405 in the Discovery Hall. Come on by – you may even see some sneaky WIP things, fresh off the 3D printer!

Our 2018 show exclusives are seeing their last hurrah before we unveil new miniatures in June.

What’s available? I’m glad you asked!

The Remnant Centurion Cruiser is seeing its last outing, before being retired. It’s about time too, since these ships have been in service for about 250 years at this point! Still, they’re pretty deadly (if lacking a little subtlety).

As one of our most popular kits of the entire year, it’ll be sad to say goodbye to the Remnant Centurion. I’ll need something to fill that void in my heart, and I’ll need it soon!

How about the Apex? This colossal beast is the ultimate predator, snacking on smaller creatures and even battletanks with very little care for the difference!

This massive monster is for Dropzone Commander, and you can find its (ludicrous) rules here. Now’s the time to pick up the Apex, as with Battle for Earth round the corner, it’s good practice to fight against. You’re going to need all the help you can get fighting giant enemies.

RUMBLESLAM is up next, and it’s Mike Lavicle’s last entry into the ring this time round! He’s a great commentator, not afraid to get stuck in and lend a hand (literally). However, all greats need to retire someday, and it’s Mike’s time!

This will be the last time to get Mike, the Apex, and the Centurion, so make sure to pick them up now!

However, we’ve also got a few other exclusives in the webstore (and at the shows themselves). What else you ask? I’ll tell you! You’re such a good reader, asking questions at all the right times…

The 2-Up New York Battleship has made a welcome return!

This collectors version of the iconic UCM Battleship design is back in stock, although in limited quantities. Cast to order, we only release a few of these at a time, since they’re such massive kits!

The Titania Pattern Condor is also back in the store. Only available for a brief period last year, this one has already become a firm fan favourite. With a bulkier design than the standard Condor, this one looks like it really means business!

Rearm your UCM ground forces with a new dropship to attack Earth soon!

A brand new addition to our exclusives range is this amazing Clear Ice!

A Superstar beyond measure, Ice is already a pretty cool model (hahahaha). But it’s now been cast in a translucent blue resin, making Ice the clear choice (lol!) for any RUMBLESLAM players!

The final one I’m going to talk about is this hilarious MDF laser cut laser cutter I  made a few years ago. It’s an exact (alright, approximate) representation of our laser cutters, and comes complete with a laptop for uploading files, a box to pack your miniatures into, and scale replicas of some key Tabletop Scenics products. Seriously, it’s an hilarious kit and the best thing I’ve ever made.

Oh and the logo has been updated as well, with the big orange dice we know and love.

In addition to these, there are an absolute handful (actually two handfuls) of additional models, including a RUMBLESLAM Referee, some Light Cruisers, Double Decker Battle Bus, and the very popular PHR Aegaeon.

If you’d like to get any of these exclusives before they go forever, pop over to the webstore today! And don’t forget – order enough to go over £100 and it’s free shipping!

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