Carnevale Exclusives

Did you think we’d forgotten about Carnevale?


We have Carnevale event exclusives available now!

First off, we have the Legacy Capodecina. This is the Capo’s last outing!

We’ve talked about new event exclusive miniatures for Carnevale during the Kickstarter campaign, but I can now tell you that as of UK Games Expo in June, we will have a brand new, never-seen-before Carnevale event exclusive. No, it’s not that Drunk Pulcinella – all the KS backers have that one already anyway!

The Gondola Attack Scene is also available! This is an amazing little diorama, full of movement and excitement.

This one is limited to 250 copies, and was first released during the Kickstarter. We’ll have limited numbers available at shows and online, so get them while you can.

The Clear Black Spectre is also available to order. This thing is absolutely beautiful! Cast in translucent purple resin, it is the coolest version of this big character. Also, he’s a Gifted, so any gang can take him!

Like the Gondola Attack Scene, it’s limited to 250 copies, and this one sells fast!

And to finish off our trifecta of limited models, here’s the absolutely massive Limited Edition Morgraur. Twisting around a big Venetian statue, this is the definitive version of the Morgraur. It’s just amazing! We’ll be taking this painted version to Salute next week, so if you’d like a close up view, make sure to pay us a visit!

As with the other two, this one is limited to 250 copies, and all three come with numbered certificates of authentication.

And our final Carnevale exclusive is actually a RUMBLESLAM exclusive! The Masked Mayhem are our crossover team. Five Pulcinellas ready to wrestle their way to victory!

Call me Carnevale biased, but this is probably one of my favourite teams to play. They’re quite quick, can mess with their opponents, and every one has a moved that does Dazed (a little nod to their Stun rule in Carnevale). Also, each round you pick one Pulcinella to be King, which is very silly and fun!


All of these exclusives will be available all week, going off sale at the end of 7th April. Pick them up on the TTCombat webstore and we’ll post them out to you. Alternatively, come and pick them up at a show – we’re currently at Adepticon, and will be at Salute next week. We’ll have more to say about that in the week though, so come back soon!

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