Infinity Terrain and beyond

This weeks work in progress Wednesday we’re in the world of science fiction.


So next weekend we will be attending Salute and we have a special board on display. Mike, Neil and myself have been working hard for the last few weeks on creating Infinity scenery.

What you can see above is a large communications tower, that Mike has affectionately nicknamed “Brian with a Y”.  There is also something a bit different, we have a Y shaped building that can stack and tessellate off one another.

Mike has also been working his magic on this acrylic orb that will proudly sit in the middle of a raised plaza section not seen here. Neil has been creating some futuristic lamps and I have designed some holographic barricades.

Last thing i’m going to show you today (don’t want to spoil everything) are these domes. They took a lot of fiddling to get right but I’m really proud of how they came out and they’re a firm favourite in the office.

If you’re coming to Salute make sure to check out this board. There’s a lot more we haven’t shown and all of this stuff will be available on website soon!


2 Replies to “Infinity Terrain and beyond”

  1. Looking forward to ordering some of this terrain for Infinity and 40k!

    When will it be available to order?

    Many thanks,


    1. Very soon! We’ll have more to show off at Salute next weekend (and maybe even one of our infamous board deals), and then releases will start shortly afterwards.

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