Teaser Tuesday – A New Scale of War!

Oooooh how tantalising!

Alright, it’s not entirely new.

Last week we released some new World War buildings at 15mm, perfect for games like Flames of War.

“But what about Bolt Action?!” we heard you cry.

Well, wait no longer, as this week we’re releasing the first* of our new World War range at 25mm!

This awesome 25mm Church is the first kit we’re teasing today, and it’s a real beauty! The roof is removable (from both the church and the tower), and it’s even got a little apse at the back (I had to look up what it was called – we’ll show you on Friday).

We liked the 15mm Checkpoint so much that we scaled it up! Actually, that’s not true. We often get people asking if we can scale kits up or down, and the sad answer is that, no, we can’t. Because the MDF stays 3mm no matter what size the kit, simply scaling the cut up or down means all the tabs that glue together would be scaled weirdly, and it wouldn’t fit!

So anyway, we made a whole new Checkpoint set completely from scratch!

The final set we’re teasing today is this cool group of bits! Two large walls, four small walls, and a nice big bridge. These walls are great, with the little sign and the wheel, but that bridge is pretty large too! A nice kit for setting up the centre of a board.

We have three more kits going up for sale on Friday, with loads more 25mm scale World War coming very soon. And I really do mean loads. Stop back soon for more information as and when we get it!

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