New Release Friday – War Time

It’s new release time!

That’s right, it’s that time of the week again. New releases stop for no one!

Today we’ve got a whole load of 15mm World War kits in the TTCombat webstore. Want to know more? Read on!

The first kit today is the Checkpoint – where better to start? With two raised guard towers, two little guard huts, two barriers, and ten links of railings, it’s a great set for sectioning out areas of your board. The railings in particular are really cool, since they can be turned at each corner, allowing you to change them from game to game.

The Hanger is our second kit, and one the biggest! I mean, it’s still tiny, because 15mm, but you know what I mean.

It’s a good start to an airforce base, and even comes with a fuel tank to refill your planes.

Of course if you have planes, you’ll want a Radar Control Tower to guide them! We saw this neat kit at the start of the week. With the building itself, two little walls and three radar dishes for only £6, that’s quite a bargain!

Speaking of a bargain, these Billet Hut come in threes for £5! That’s about £1.60 per hut! Nothing says “military base” like these iconic huts. The perfect scenery to fight over!

Should you want less military buildings, look no further than the Factory. This kit is great for blocking line of sight, and is a real steal at only £4! I’m used to the larger kits we’ve released recently, which are already great value, but these are something else!

The Barn we saw earlier in the week, and it’s for sale now! It even comes with a cute tractor. By the way, that trailer is on a little hinge, meaning you can take it off should you so wish! Too cute!

Our final new kit today are these rather fetching walls. For a measly £5 you get almost a metre of walls, which is insane! They’re kind of little, but super useful for games, offering brilliant cover for infantry.

All of these kits together form the Rural Military Base Bundle, which has one of each kit. You have a little farm area walled off, then a checkpoint that lets you into the full military base. It’s enough to fill out a small  board, and is probably the cheapest bundle we’ve ever done: £20 for all of this week’s new releases! Nice!

If you’d like any of this week’s releases, head over to the TTCombat webstore. Remember: if you buy them this weekend, we’ll post them out first thing on Monday.

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