What? World War W.I.P Wednesday!

Looks like there are more buildings on the horizon. This time it’s a little love for the World War range…

First up, we have been working on some houses for use on a village themed board. These little cottages are arranged into a street section at the moment  but are all sold separately. This is just a small taster of the upcoming increase to the range.

To add a bit more of a military feel there’s a checkpoint kit, complete with hedgehogs and a barrier to block off road sections.

Combine all these together and you have the start of cool little village scene.

There’s a lot more stuff like this to come out for release over the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned if it tickles your interest.

Everything you see is a work in progress and may be subject to change.

If 28mm is the wrong scale for your wargames, then keep it locked on the website this friday for 15mm world war releases.

See you next week!

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