Teaser Tuesday & GAMA

New scenery kits inbound!

Not content with all new Carnevale miniatures last Friday, we’re back this week with some new Streets of Venice scenery kits!

Last week we let you know that a whole bunch of kits are going out of production at the end of this week, so pick them up while you can!

However, the reason they’re going OOP is that we’ve updated/remade the kits from scratch. This Friday we have a massive seven Streets of Venice kits going for sale. Want to see a few? Of course you do!

The Dimora Giulia is the first one. It’s a fairly simple kit that provides a great building for climbing and blocking out streets in your games. As with the Casas we remastered before, the Giulia (and all the other kits) have had a lot of little quality of life changes, including increasing the size of the floor joins. These flat roofs have been further reinforced, meaning you’ll be able to roll dice in them to your heart’s content without worry of them falling apart.

Meanwhile the Dimora Justina shows some of the new things we’re adding to these kits. Before you were given a small building and we provided extensions to give them balconies, different roofs, or even roof terraces. Now, all of those things are included in the base kit! With four designs to choose from, you’ll be able to have a real mixture of buildings without having to worry about buying small add-on kits (which quickly add up) to complete your board.

The Justina’s roof terrace has a removable top piece as well, which you can stick in if you want, of leave off (like we have here) for ease of gaming. These new kits are built around ease of play!

Our final teaser for these buildings is the massive Palazzo Magdalena.

This huge kit is entirely new, and although it shares similarities with the Palazzo Lucia, it has a big basement (for the help), and a wide open balcony at the front. This one will really add some verticality to your games!

(although if you’re playing Carnevale, you’ll already have plenty of verticality thanks to the easy climbing and jumping mechanics!)

With 4 other new kits to add to these (they’re not all big new houses, sorry), we’ve got quite a release for you this week!

GAMA Trade Show

Oh! I almost forgot!

We’re going to be at GAMA this week. Louis and Josh have flown over to meet Don out there in Nevada. We’ll be attending the show for two days only, so if you’d like to talk shop, make sure to come talk to us at stand 726 on Wednesday or Thursday.

Seeing as it’s a show and all, it wouldn’t be cool to leave everyone without an extra teaser of what we’re taking, would it?

A gun!

There’s more attached to that gun of course, but we won’t be showing anything else until the stand is set up and the public get a chance to see what’s on the desk. Might be worth checking back tomorrow for WIP Wednesday though…

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