Monday Motivation Madness!

Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaah!

Welcome to Monday, Rumblefans!

Today we’re looking a little at the Marcho Madness tournament from The Games Shop Aldershot that took place last week.

Look at that ring! Created by Kris specially for the event, it is definitely a sight to behold!

Our budding coaches!

And here are some of the wrestlers used in the event! I say “some” as if that’s not LOADS. So many superstars, and such an amazing paint job on all of them!

And here’s the winning team! Granite, The Nut, Leo, Lord of Anarchy, Tartan, and Statesman (who’s found a shield somewhere – probably underneath a particle accelerator somewhere). A solid line up!

Well done to Kris for winning Marcho Madness, and to everyone that took part! Sounds like a bunch of fun.

If you’d like to host your own RUMBLESLAM event, we offer Organised Play kits available through our distributor Kingsley Distribution. If you’d like one – ask your local store to simply order it!

Still on the ropes about getting into RUMBLESLAM?

You can find the full rules for free download here.

And you can find the game here (with free upgrade to Deluxe dice included in the box!)

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