New Venetian Releases!

It’s time for new Venetian buildings!

The Streets of Venice range is seeing a boost in its numbers today, with a massive seven new kits getting released!

We saw the the Dimora Giulia earlier this week and it’s available to order now! The older Venetian House has been given a makeover, making it stronger and sturdier to better stand up to heavy gameplay! There’s also a cute little balcony which provides a nice halfway point for some of the slower Carnevale characters to climb to.

The Dimora Helena has definitely seen better days! It’s a little run-down, but still makes for a great terrain piece at least! It’s gotten the same treatment as the Giulia, so it’s made for stability. The flat roofs of these two make for perfect dice trays – very useful in a game like Carnevale that has so much scenery.

The Dimora Justina is definitely a bit classier than the Helena! With a balcony and a roof terrace, this kit takes the older Venetian Noble Houses with roof terraces and blows them out of the water! What would have cost you £15 (without a balcony) before, is now only £12!

Our final Dimora is the Isabella. Again, with a balcony and roof terrace, this kit offers a great saving on the previous iteration. It’s also covered in detail, which makes it an excellent house for a noble district (I’m looking at you Patricians players).

It’s not just buildings that are seeing the update treatment, oh no! The Pietra Bridge is remade entirely in MDF, making it much sturdier. Did I also mention that it’s only £4 now? Nice!

The Stretto Bridges on the other hand are the same price as they used to be. However, now you get a whole extra bridge for your money! They’ve been changed a little so they now support a 40mm base in the centre. So they’re bigger, there’s an extra one, and they’re still only £6? How do we do it?

And finally this week is the building that’s had people most excited. The Palazzo Magdalena is an absolute beauty of a kit! With three storeys (including a servant’s quarters basement), this massive piece would make a great centrepiece, or even just to add to your collection! Festooned with Patricians iconography, there’s no mistaking who lives here. The stairs up the front add a really interesting element to your games, turning Carnevale into an even more vertical game!

All of the buildings this week feature interior floors and removable roofs and storeys. The system to take them apart has been modified to make it easier than ever, even after painting. So if you want to use them with the interiors, you can! It does mean you have to paint the insides though…

If you’d like to pick up any of these kits, check out the TTCombat webstore today. Order now and they’ll be sent out first thing Monday.

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