New Scenario: Fight For the Crown

To celebrate the release of our first Pulcinella box today, we’ve made a new scenario for you to use them in!

It’s release day! The Pulcinellas and Church of Dagon are released today! In addition you can also pick up two new Gifted: Harlequin and The Duke.

To celebrate the release of the madcap Pulcinellas, the design team have come up with a brand new scenario to play using them.

It’s time to Fight For the Crown!

This scenario uses all four of the Pulcinellas in the new boxed set. The King has to defend against his usurpers, and keep hold of his crown!

Capturing the crown is the name of the game here, and with no Agendas, it’s the only way to win!* With a few new special rules and twists on old ones, this scenario is a bit of silly fun, perfectly fitting with the Great and Noble Cult.

Download it today in the Resources section of the Carnevale website and decide once and for all who in your gaming group is the true king!


*Technically all the Pulcinellas still have the Mindless special rule, so it’s more of a hollow victory tbh.

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