Last Chance to Buy – Streets of Venice

The clock is ticking on these Venetian buildings…

It’s that time again folks. Time to say good bye to some of our older terrain kits. These kits will go off sale on Friday 15th March (just over a week away).

So, what’s going away?

Well the first things to be discontinued are the Venetian Houses and Venetian Noble Houses.

These kits are quite long in the tooth, and will shortly be seeing an upgrade to brand new sets. In addition to the houses themselves, all of the relevant extensions are going away, including roof terraces and extra floors. If you want to extend your existing houses, now’s the time to act!

The other sets to go are the Venetian Townhouse B, the Small and Narrow Bridge sets, and the Small Bridge A.

These kits will go off sale on Friday 15th March.

Some of these sets will be seeing upgrades, and others complete redesigns. For more information on exactly what is getting upgraded, check back next Teaser Tuesday where we’ll be dishing out all the dirt on the new kits.

If you’d like to pick any of these up before they go, do it now! You can even take advantage of our free shipping on orders over £100 if you want to splash out on a new board!

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