New Carnevale Friday

It’s Friday, so that means new releases!

This week we have brand new sets for Carnevale. Pre-orders are up now, and will be shipped next week.

What is up for pre-order? Look no further!

The Doctors are unleashing their beast pens onto the streets of Venice. There are two Lab Assistants who are great at hunting big monsters, and have stunning Shock Prods as well. The modified Lion is extremely fast and great at jumping on its bigger prey. The winged Gorilla is excellent at pummelling its enemies and is a great bodyguard. They’re joined by the Doctor of the Beasts, an excellent hero choice in his own right, but even better when given some beasts to lead to battle.

The Patricians are getting a complete gang in a box! The City Guard are a subfaction that work very well when following the correct chain of command. The Guard Commander is a fantastically disciplined Leader, with a very sharp sword! He’s helped by the Captain of the Guard who spurs his soldiers on to new heights of battle. Speaking of soldiers, the set contains two Soldiers of the Guard (one with a sword, one with a bardiche), and a Marksman of the Guard.

The Vatican are also getting a whole faction – and a good one at that! The Exorcist is a Leader choice that can dispel enemy magic better than almost anyone. The Cross-bearing Deacon is a fantastic Hero that can give his – colossal 10 Will Points to other friendly characters. Two Martyrs provide some lethal – if unpredictable – combat support, and the Altar Boy can spur them all on to new heights of violence!

Finally, we also have Vlad Dracula and his Host. Vlad is one of the single greatest characters in Carnevale, with great speed, attack, defence, and even some powerful special abilities. He leads his three Brides of Dracula. The Brides are Hero choices that would give most Leaders a run for their money, and the only Strigoi who have magic spells. They’re joined by a Strigoi Priest. Turning Priests is one of Vlad’s guilty pleasures, and he provides dispelling abilities too.

That’s not all though! We have a Gifted character showing her face too.

As the first Gifted to demonstrate her powers in Venice, it’s very fitting for White Dove to be our first Gifted character available separately. She can fly (obviously), and her Dove’s Kiss is an incredibly powerful ranged weapon. Plus, as a Gifted she can join any gang, so pick yours up today!

But that’s not all!

We’re also releasing the card scenery from the 2-player boxed game separately. If you fancy starting small, or expanding your easy-to-build scenery collection, these sets are for you!

Two sets of card buildings are joined by a 3 foot by 3 foot board made of 1 foot square tiles. These are the same ones as the 2-Player Starter Box, but if you want to pick up different gangs, this is a super easy way to get started.

Speaking of which…

Our last new release today is the Carnevale Gaming Accessories box. This set comes with every additional item you need to play the game, with counters, templates, dice, and even a Carnevale coin!

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff! And that’s just the first wave.

Be sure to pick up your pre-orders today, and they’ll ship out to you next week.

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