WIP Wednesday From the Resin Room

A sneaky orange peek of what the resin room are up to…

A bit of a teaser today (is it Teaser Tuesday again already?), as we’re having a look at a Work In Progress from the resin room!

This here is a brand new sculpt for Dropzone Commander! What could it be? I’m sure a lot of you will figure this one out, but I’m saying no more!

This is a 3D print straight off the printer. It still needs some cleanup before it gets put into a master mould to make this truck a little resin reality.

We’re going to be showing off more of what Dropzone and Dropfleet releases you can expect with the launch of Battle for Earth later on this year (release date TBC), so be sure to check back often for more treats!

One Reply to “WIP Wednesday From the Resin Room”

  1. Well, I am guessing that is EAA in origin. Hmm could be an alternative to the Battle Bus for Resistance? Maybe less weapon attachment options for more armour or DP?

    Either way, its nice to see some DZC love and in particular more EAA stuff because its a nice bonus to hopefully be able to field a fully-functional EAA force with the riveted plates carefully modelled out to do “The Fall of Man” Era campaign between Scourge and EAA.

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