Last Chance to Buy!

Some of the Streets of Venice range is going for good at the end of this week…

It’s your last chance to buy a few kits this week!

All of the Venetian Casas plus extensions, the Venetian Tower, Venetian Townhouse A, and the Small Bridge B are all going to go off sale.

How long do you have to pick these kits up? Just one week! They will be going off sale on Friday morning, no longer available on the TTCombat webstore.

We may have a few left over kits for sale at shows, but don’t count on it!

But why remove these kits I hear you ask? Well, we have replacements for all of them coming in as we update the range. The new kits will go up for sale on Friday. But if you really love these particular designs, or you’re just a completionist (like me), pick these up before they’re gone for good.

Want some more information on what’s changing? We’ll have a preview for you on some of the updated kits tomorrow, so tune in then for Teaser Tuesday!

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