Massive Carnevale miniature update & Inaka terrain arrives!

More than just the Doctors of the Ospedale are available to order today!

No rest for the wicked is a pretty accurate statement when it comes to the gangs of Venice. Following Tuesday’s announcement of a Doctors’ single miniature update to our website, we have to be honest and reveal that EVERY gang has received a similar change. This means that you’ll find a huge amount of miniatures previously only available in a blister or box set. Better yet, we’ve also released some new alternative sculpted miniatures you’ll find in the product listings. Besides the over 100 additional single miniatures coming out today, we also have 4 brand new Eastern Empires terrain kits. We felt an update to the range was needed…

Doctors Update

Arguably the most sinister of the gangs you’ll find in Carnevale, the Doctors have experimented horrifically on the city’s Citizens. Taking more and more people into their care, this gang has expanded rapidly since the last single miniature update. From today, you’ll find miniatures from the Lab Assistants, Sleepless Undead, and Experimental Plasma Analysis available. The best part about this update is the new alternative sculpts for the Doctor of Firmament, Doctor of the Arsenal, and two new Electron Cannoneers.

Find the updated Doctors collection here.

Guild Update

Murderers, swindlers, and thieves are all welcome to join the Guild. Arguably the Rashaar’s biggest threat, this group of criminals had lots of miniatures released since the Guild last had a singles update. You’ll now be able to purchase miniatures from Gondoliers, Dockworkers, Shiphands, Baroni & Pilferers, Butchers, and even the Barbers!

You can find the updated selection here.

Rashaar Update

The monsters of the canals have a rich tradition of grabbing unsuspecting citizens and dragging them to a watery death. Always seen fighting against the Guild, the Rashaar have reproduced, mutated, and grown in recent Carnevale history. From today onwards, you’ll be able to purchase single miniatures from Sirena, Matriarch’s Brood, Feral Besiegers, Dagonite Priest, Agalopes, and Lesser Ugdrus boxes and blisters.

You can purchase the above miniatures here.

Strigoi Update 

Vlads forces are always expanding! These monsters of the night lurk across the city of Venice and always seek fresh meat. Since he first arrived in the city, Vlad and his brides have viciously mutated and corrupted new Strigoi, turning them into a deadly legion of bloodsuckers. Following today’s update, you can purchase single miniatures from, The Drowning and the Drowned, Newborn Strigoi, and the Airborne Cannibals. Besides this, we also have two new miniature sculptures for the Romani and a new Priest.

You can join Vlad’s undead host here.

Vatican Update

God’s chosen group of bullies, killers and sometimes holy judges have regathered their strength since the fall of Malta. Actively taking to the streets and canals hoping to persecute the unjust, the Vatican is causing havoc. No longer restricted by vows of remorse, the  Guardians of Malta, Knights Hospitaller, Martyrs, Executioner & Crucifiers will offer to ‘help’ you find the faith. Hey, worst-case scenario they put oil on your forehead or an axe in it…

Join the Vatican’s purge of Venice here.

Patricians Update

For this group, Venice is just one giant playground that is to be explored and retained. This city belongs to them and they love nothing more than exploiting, purging, and toying with the hardworking Citizens. Today, the party is getting out of control as the Ottoman Corsairs, Venetian Privateers, Venetian Navy, The Night Watch, Merchants, and Foreign Nobles & Butlers can all be purchased as single miniatures.

Raise a glass and some carnage here.

Gifted Update

The city is full of Gifted people and whilst some choose to keep their gifts a secret, others are more than willing to exploit them. Never one to shire away from standing apart from the crowd, La Signora and her Unhinged Understudies are now available to purchase single miniatures.

You can hire these mercenary factions members today here.

Besides this collection of over 100 single miniatures, we also have some brand-new Eastern Empire terrain coming out today. 

Inaka: Misayama Village

Listen to the river reeds swaying in that mountain breeze. Fresh mountain air engulfs the Misayama Village so you won’t find a more peaceful area on any tabletop. As you’d expect in any small village, this collection of properties includes multiple homes, a stable, and the all-important food store! All buildings in the collection have usable interior spaces with removable roofs for easy access. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, you’ll find opportunities to break the enemy’s or neighbours line of sight.

You can purchase this set today for £28.

Inaka: Gateway

”Can you hear that angry merchant banging on the gates?” Yeah said the sentry, ”He refused to pay the toll.”

The Inkak Gaeway kit is ideal for keeping angry merchants or invading nomads outside of your towns. Featuring fences that cover a 2x1ft area of your gaming board, you’ll be able to enclose large strategical areas. Guard Towers maintains the high ground and will provide a fantastic vantage point. This kit is an excellent starting point for building a mighty fortress and is made from 3mm MDF.

You can purchase this 28-32mm scale kit today for £20.

Inaka: Gateway Extensions

More enemies on the horizon so you need to expand the defenses? Luckily you can with this Gateway Extension kit. Designed to expand the larger Gateway kit even further, this set contains more fences both with and without lanterns, crates, and cover for your warriors. This kit like the other Inaka range of products is made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm miniature games.

You can purchase this kit today for £8.

Inaka: Walkways

Some days I just wanna sit and swing my feet in the water but then I remember how big the catfish are in the area. Larger than you’d expect, these fish will sink the walkways if you’re not careful. The Walkways kit means you’ll no longer need to trudge through the marshland. Easily move your warriors from point A to B whilst keeping dry, this set can be played out in a variety of ways. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, this set works best on an eastern board.

You can purchase this kit today for £8.

That’s it for today! If your a running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to


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