WIP – Dwarven Tabletop Terrain!

”No smooth-faced Dwarves aloud in the mine so get back to the forges pups.”

Mining gold and precious minerals is a good life for a Dwarf. Yet make sure you protect the entrances or else some nasty Orcs or Gnolls might try to swarm the upper levels. Welcome to this week’s Work in Progress Wednesday and a member of our Design team is currently developing Dwarven terrain. As with all things shown on WIP Wednesday, the products shown are liable to change…

Dwarven Mine Entrance

Fortified with two secure squared wall sections and a short arch to cover the track, this mine entrance is well defended! With a modular straight track system, you can use the easily transport precious minerals or resources to your mine with ease. Sadly, the carts wheels don’t move freely so you’ll have to use your imagination however the crane can rotate 360 degrees and can be moved to any wall section. The walls sections can be accessed through a twin pair of stairs.

We’re excited to see how people build & paint this kit when its released. There will be more information about our Dwarven range in the future.

That’s it for this week’s WIP Wednesday. If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post, then send us some photos to info@ttcombat.com

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