WIP – Holy Knights & Holy orders require Squires

Religious Orders of Knights have taken to battlefields across Europe & the Holy land long before the Rent appeared.

Expanding further than anyone could have ever predicted, numerous Orders of Knights have existed since before the fall of Jerusalem. Hundreds of years before the events of Carnevale, the Poor Fellow-Soliders of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon guarded was founded. Expanding beyond their initial purpose of protecting pilgrims, the Templar order would collapse into flames, betrayals, and mystery. Following the fall of Malta, the defending Knight Hospitaller & the sub-order of the Chevaleresse were left weakened by the time the Vatican forces arrived at the battlefield. With the loss of so many Holy warriors, it’s time a new order rises or at least returns.

The Templars will once again defend followers of their faith.

Reliquary Kid

It’s an honour to be entrusted with the care of Holy Relics and even more of an honour to squire for a Templar Knight. Whilst we can’t guarantee the children who are indoctrinated into the order will ever achieve the rank of Marshall, they might survive long enough to see their 13th birthday. Carrying their knights sword into battle, it is their job to support the more valuable members of the Templar order and an expectation of death before handing over precious relics to creatures such as the Rashaar.

Currently we are planning to have more than a single Templar Child join the ranks of Carnevale Vatican miniatures. As with all products that are featured on our Work In Progress posts, this miniature miniature could change before release and might not match the final product you’ll see on the shelves.

We’ll have more information about this miniature closer to release!

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