Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 22 – Time for the RUMBLESLAM Calendar Event of the Year!

Magical Screwspell!

This main event is sure to woo crowds and cause no end of speculation and drama in RUMBLESLAM mailing lists.

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Magical Screwspell is a new game mode for RUMBLESLAM, it sees a single superstar take on an entire team of wrestlers. Someone wants to see the superstar fail, but with enough cunning, smack talk, and a good beatdown here and there, they can rise above the odds and come out victorious.

To help the superstar stay upright in the ring, they have a few bonuses, thanks to a dubiously contacted Warlock casting a spell on the superstar.

First, the superstar always passes their DEX roll if they ever get thrown out of the ring. This works even when they’re KO’d, the contender will need to pin them to win.

Second, is the superstar’s uncanny resilience in this match. They shake off all negative effects and recover a bit of stamina at the start of each round.

Not only that, but each round, the superstar can add one of 3 copper dice to any attack they make. It’s not much, but can make a difference, especially if it turns an attack into a Beatdown!

Finally, the superstar can activate a second time each round. This is a huge help for the superstar, they’re already going to be outnumbered, but with a second activation, they won’t be outgunned!

How difficult this is going to be depends entirely on the wrestler you pick as a superstar, wrestlers like Trihiorn or Tin Khan will be much more difficult for the contender to take down, even with an entire team. On the other hand, a superstar like Tartan or Cenelion will have a much harder time keeping an entire team at bay!

We have one more day of rules downloads this year. Check back tomorrow for free rules for Dropzone Commander!

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