Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 23 – Famous Commanders Dropping into a Zone Near You!

Hot on the heels of their Fleet counterparts, Famous Commanders have landed!

This free download includes rules for 3 Famous Commanders for each faction. Veteran players will recognize a few of these names from Reconquest 1 and 2. Each of these Commanders comes in their own customized vehicle, with their points costs including both the Commander and their mount.

Click the button to download the rules!

In addition to a custom vehicle, each Commander has a Benefit and Detriment. These can be small effects, like shuffling a Command Card back into your deck, or increasing your opponent’s initiative rolls. Sometimes they might be larger effects, like changing the units you can and cannot use in your army.

The profiles for all these Commanders will also be included in the web builder though some of their effects might not be entirely accounted for. We’ll be updating the builder over time to make sure Famous Commanders work as intended, but for now, if some effects aren’t accounted for, follow the profile on the stat cards.

Now, onto some Famous Commanders!

Kate Rawlins

Kate Rawlins took part in the Battle for Earth, though has since disappeared while investigating a hole underneath the giant Tartarus structure. Rawlins comes in her Phoenix Command Gunship. Some fancy (reckless) flying gives it a small evasion bonus, a testament to the crew’s piloting skill. CV3 and 16” Command Radius gives her a nice middle ground in command stats, though her Benefit means that 16” becomes Global as far as Command Cards are concerned. Her downside is that APC’s aren’t welcome in her world. Any army containing her will have to rely on Vultures and Ravens to get boots on the ground.

Marcus Barros

Marcus Barros makes a return, falling from the heavens above, taking a leaf out of the Behemoth playbook. He comes in a shiny, new, Nemesis Control Scorpion complete with upgraded mandible railguns. Barros’ Benefit allows you to Drop Harness in your Type-4 walkers, his Command Card even lets you make a free signal action to drop one of your Type-4’s (or a Behemoth if you’re so inclined). The tradeoff is that you’re unable to use some of the best and fastest troops in the game, as well as most of the PHR’s available Scout units. Though you can still use the Columbus as your sole Scout, that one has the Marcus Barros seal of approval.

Akhenten the Mad

Akhenten is…weird. Even by Shaltari standards. His teleport weaponry has been replaced by a Spider Web Projector. Rare Shalatari technology that manipulates gravity to wreak havoc with aircraft systems, or to make life unpleasant for infantry hiding inside. When you take Akhenten, there is no such thing as Defender’s Advantage for your enemy’s infantry, storm buildings with impunity. The downside to Akhenten is that he vehemently dislikes units with the Scout and Exotic categories.

And that concludes our Commander-universe freebies for this year! Regular releases will return in the new year, with lots in the works for both games. More on that in 2023!

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