Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 13

It wouldn’t be an Advent Calendar without at least 1 new Dropfleet Commander reveal.

On the 13th day of Christmas TTCombat gave to me… Two brand new Battleship reveals! Welcome to the second day of our Advent Calendar and today we have something special for the United Colonies of Mankind in addition to the parasitic Scourge. These new additions to Dropfleet Commander are still very much in the works so could change before release.

UCM Hanoi 

”Dearest Santa, I hope this time of year finds you well. I’m fine, even though mum, dad, grandad, Nana and little Suzie have been infected with the Scourge parasite. Therefore I require a new Battleship for Christmas to wipe their filth from the galaxy.” – ADM Timmy. Now it won’t be ready in time for the festive season but Dave Lewis and his elves at TTCombat are working on the Hanoi launch. Armed with a stupidly large Mass Driver, hitting enemies from a distance would be a challenge.

Scourge Beelzebub

If you were a Scourge infected human, you’d probably want more lifeforms to join your sinister schemes right? WRONG you want reinforcements in the shape of a Beelzebub! This oddly shaped ship comes with Launch, Furnace Weapons, cupholders, heated seats and an underslung weapons that even we don’t know how to use.

Now we have nothing in the way of rules yet but since they’re not out until next year we’ll let everyone’s imaginations run wild with ideas.

That’s it for today! If your running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to


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