New White Box Bundles 2022 and Black Friday Miniatures!

Happy Black Friday! It’s time to spoil fans of tabletop wargames with this year’s White Box Bundles and new miniatures!

Welcome to this week’s special Black Friday-inspired New Release article. Today we have numerous new products to explore, emphasizing MDF terrain deals and our event-exclusive miniatures. We’ll start with this week’s MDF as that’s a lot to cover!

French Quarter

What a beautiful place, I can’t wait to take a visit to the French Quarter!  Comprising of a large amount of our French Quarter terrain from the TTCombat Wild West range, this White Box is perfect for filling a western-themed tabletop. This set includes buildings such as Bourbon Avenue, Auberge Beaumont, and more!

Designed for 25-32mm games, this bundle can be purchased for £75.

Stack City

Stack City is the only city that will never stop growing! It’s actually becoming a real problem. A large collection of our popular Freighter Graveyard terrain, this set has a bit of everything! Highly modular by design, you’ll be able to create a variety of layouts for your wargames. In this set, you’ll find buildings such as Shanty Town Stacks, Slum Stacks, and more!

Designed for 25-32mm tabletop games, you can purchase this bundle for £75.

Convent Ruins

Wow, this place has seen better days! This convent used to be a holy sight that pilgrims around the galaxy would venture to… now it’s a ruin. Consisting of multiple structures, this kit is a perfect set for futuristic sci-fi wargames. There are numerous buildings in this bundle but you’ll find Ruined Convent Cathedral, Ruined Convent Pulpit, and more!

You can purchase this huge bundle today for £75.

Outer City Motel

It’s a long drive ahead, so best take an overnight stay in this Motel! It’s not like a sadistic son has killed his mother and is gonna attack you in the shower right? A large collection of our popular Motel kits from the TTCombat DCS range, this set has a bit of everything. In this bundle, you’ll find a collection of terrain including, Motel 66 Standard Room, City Park Set, and more.

Designed for 25-32mm games, you can purchase this bundle for £80.


Clandestine Research Depot

Everyone always remembers the product but this is where the real work is getting done! A large collection of terrain from our growing Sci-Fi X range of terrain, this White Box Bundle is perfect for Dropzone Commander. Inside you’ll find sets including Tyrosus Building, Eyrie Bunker, and LOTS more.

Designed for 10mm tabletop wargames, you can purchase this bundle for £75.

Sector 2 – Rigging Station

When they said it could for the clouds, many people didn’t actually think it would! This White Box bundle contains a large amount of terrain and a huge structure in the shape of the Sector 2 Cloud Buster. Bigger than any other INH kit, this tower fills any tabletop it’s on.

You can purchase this INH bundle today for only £75.

Castle Bailey

Stories are told, drinks are drunk and children are scared by the tales of this Castle Bailey. Who knows what ill fate fell upon this town but now it’s a ruin! This set will happily fill out a 3×3 gaming board and will make for a perfect battlefield for your wargames. Comprising various sets including, The Midnight Tower, Homestead, and more, this bundle offers a great value.

Designed for 25-32mm wargames, this bundle is available for £75.

Residential Ruins

The battle was won, but the war never ends and now the enemy has moved on to the next town. A bundle containing a large collection of our WAR terrain, the Residential Ruins has enough buildings to fill out a 3×3 gaming board. Inside you’ll find City Rowhouse Cafe and Terrace Destroyed, Guard Post, and more!

Designed for 25-28mm wargames, this bundle is available for £75.

Fondamenta de la Grazia

Row Row Row your paddleboat gently down the Canal! Worst-case scenario you’ll bump into a Rashaar and drown in the waters. Containing a vast amount of MDF terrain from our huge range of SOV terrain, this set is perfect for Carnevale players. Included you’ll find buildings exclusive to this bundle such as Modular Case Doppia Felicita and Casa Per Barche.

Designed for 28-32mm games, you can purchase this bundle today for £75.

Besides these huge savings on terrain, we also have a pair of new Black Friday miniatures! 

Gluteus Minimus

”We who are about to dine, salute you.” – Gluteus Minimus is a Gluten for punishment and loves to make stadiums tremble. Few fighters have ever risen as high as this proud gladiator. Available for Black Friday, this 28mm miniature is ideal for wargames or RPGs and has a loaf base or stone base.

Cyber Mickey Squire

The tale of Mickey Squire is a strange one. After being mortally wounded in a battle against the enemies of Craggy Bottom, Micky was handed a second chance at life following the end of his first. With a badass makeover and a stylish new jacket, Micky Squire was rewarded with C.O.B.B (An indestructible steed).

There are two ways to get your hands on this year’s BFCM miniatures:

  1. Add them to your cart and buy them! Easy.
  2. If you spend over £75 in the TTCombat webstore until Monday 5th December we will throw one in for free! If you spend £150 we’ll throw in both for free!

That’s it for today! If your a running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to


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