Big Boat with added Masts and Rigging!

The Guilds fleet has been growing following the Galleon and Dhow launch and we’re still seeing some amazing player builds!

Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivation article where today we have an insane piece of MDF terrain built by Jon Argall. Taking the standard Guild Galleon, Jon went above and beyond with this Streets of Venice build. An active member of the Carnevale Facebook Fan group, Jon shared some photos of his finished piece.

Guild Galleon

Ready to set sail and raid the coastline of the Adriatic, Jon and his Guild Galleon will be causing lots of problems for enemies of the King of Thieves. The workmanship on this ship is amazing! It really shows how good MDF kits can look if enough time and skill is applied. I know from speaking to him that the kits designer and boat fan, Ben was impressed. The rigging is a fantastic touch which really completes the ships aesthetic and when combined with the sails works great.

The Galleon has been painted very nicely and draws comparison to ships such as HMS Victory and her Nelson Checker paint scheme. The famous yellow and black colour theme applies great to the Guilds ship. Finally the newly fitted bowsprit is a great addition and not something that comes with the kit as standard.

Thanks for sharing this with us Jon!

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