Join The Resistance! We Have Behemoths Now!

In some cases, the Resistance has better experience operating Behemoths than most UCM forces. Pre-war many designs were developed for specialist purposes. Now they are being used for war…

Welcome to this weeks Teaser Tuesday and we’re glad to say that the final Behemoth is coming to Dropzone Commander. We say final as with the Resistance Behemoths release, all factions can now access a towering monster of death. The Resistance is a ragtag assortment of survivors who were left stranded on the cradle worlds. Isolated and alone, these societies adapted rapidly to overcome hazardous challenges before then growing into a true threat to the galaxy.

Resistance Juggernaut Behemoth

The Explorators are the most impressive walking vehicles mankind produced before the Scourge invasion. They were created to act as mobile bases on the cradle worlds but then the Resistance got hold of them.

Look at this monster! Since the Resistance created the Juggernaut, this Behemoth has been spotted prowling around battlefields causing havoc to Scourge forces. Created by taking a Home class explorator retrofitted with a massive weapon, a huge weapon, a giant 800mm calibre Golgotha cannon, the Juggernaut is an enormous mobile weapon.  The Golgotha cannon is a pre-war naval defence gun which was originally intended for striking atmospheric-capable starships from a ground base.

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