RUMBLESLAM – Stargaters Delivering an Elbro Drop!

Are you prepared to get hyped BROS! It’s time to declare your new tag team champions and the Stargaters are getting Chris McEwan’s vote with this week’s Monday Motivation.

Chris McEwan is back already and has taken a break from his Verminous RUMBLESLAM rodents to bring us some HYPE! Colonel Russ and Matt Cardona have merged into the latest deadly squirt gun-wielding badass.

Colonel Russ has undergone a ‘bro’ transformation and emerged from it with more hype than ever before. Chris is a huge fan of Matt Cardona or Zack Ryder as he was once known as so decided to convert this military miniature. Sporting a mighty beard and a signature S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise Tac Vest, this Colonel is now read to take to the ring. Its not just Russ who is sporting a new look, Stargator has also received a make over.

Chris was kind enough to explain how he crafted theSpace Gates,

”I used my tried and tested ((is it a trademark yet?) Fluorescent paint for the lights, and a Fluorescent Green resin inside to give it a portal vibe. To get the texture on the resin, I used Splash Medium from Green Stuff World, because it dries clear and is used for adding ripples to water effects”.

Finally, Stargator has been painted up to match his card art with a Diamond Oasis themed sash.

Thanks for sharing this with us CHRIS!

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One Reply to “RUMBLESLAM – Stargaters Delivering an Elbro Drop!”

  1. Im glad someone else saw the opportunity to do this mini as Matt Cardona.
    Im also a huge fan you should send it to him on twitter Chris hed live this photo

    All Hail the Death match King

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