Halflings in Space Kickstarter – Update

Halfling, Human, and Orc fans can rejoice as the latest Troll Trader Kickstarter has now been funded!

48hrs after launching on Kickstarter, the Halflings in Space campaign exceeded its funding goal and is now hitting multiple Stretch goals. Therefore we thought now would be the time to recap some of the resin products on offer.

Space Halflings

The backbone of this campaign and your future army, the Space Halflings are reporting for duty. Available through a Patrol, Army, or Mega Army pledge, there is plenty of small folk on parade. However we understand times are tough so for a simple ‘Passing Through Pledge,’ you will gain access to add-ons such as Veterans,  Halfling Commander (Pictured above), and the Halfling Techlord!

Dessert Dweller Army

There is certainly more than just Halflings on display with this campaign. The Dessert Dweller Army is an elite fighting force drafted in to engage the Orcish foes. Taller than their Halfling comrades, this army is made up of 1 Command Squad, 3 Infantry Squads, and 1 Heavy Weapon Squad. This is more than enough for your forces to take to the battlefield with confidence.

The Desert Dweller Army can be backed for only £60.

Orc Army


The Orc Army are on the march for this Kickstarter Campaign and you can lead them. These Green brutes are a common sight in tabletop gaming so why not pick up an entire army of these troops. Made up of 1 Hero, 5 Pyros, 10 Shooters, 10 Melee and 20 Goblins this army will can conquer any battlefield under the right commander.

The Orc Army can be backed for only £60.


Finally there are tanks. Designed and Sculpted by David Lewis of the Drop-Universe, it’ll be hard to find sculpted armoured fighting vehicle. These Tanks can be assembled in a variety of load outs with optional sponsors and weapons, they work great with more than just Halflings.

The Core or Heavy tank can be backed for £30.

There is only 3 days left to back this project! To back this project, just click here.

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