TTBromley Thursday – Orc Sektor, not just for Orcs

Do you need terrain for an upcoming event or tournament? The Orc Sektor is a very versatile kit that functions well for a variety of games. Hence, TTBromley got a whole lot of them made up ready for store use.

Easy to Assemble, Quick to Paint

The TTBromley team got to work assembling and painting 18 sets of the Orc Sektor. To be clear, the vast majority of the work was done by Jez. A solid layer of Black Spectre and Resistance Rust spray primer was used for base coating the terrain, but had the added benefit of adding shadows and sealing the MDF in a single step! Therefore quickly finishing the main components of the sets. These kits are perfect for this kind of use as they are sturdy, hard wearing and easy to store.

Finishing Touches and Scatter

Jez used a single set of Industrial Gubbinz and applying the pieces randomly across all the pieces to add variety, colour and interest. Again, using a variety of bright TTCombat spray primers to finish them off quickly.

The Orc Sektor comes with multiple wall sections to ensure there is cover available when dashing between structures. However, for small skirmish games additional scatter terrain is often recommended. Therefore we opted to add scatter terrain using Sci-Fi Gothic tabletop scenics resin pieces. In this case, we used Sandbags, Gothic Barrels and Ammo Crates. And with that, the project was finished. Yes, that is a lot of tabletop terrain.

Onward to Victory!

These specific terrain sets had their first showing during a recent tournament held at TTBromley seating as many as 38 players! The flat and stable surfaces of the structures meant wobbly miniatures could be kept to an absolute minimum. In addition, clear corners and robust details makes figuring out line of sight and cover bonuses a breeze.

Oh, and this was just a single one of our many available terrain kits available on the TTCombat online store and found on the shelves at TTBromley. We recommend having a peek at the Orc Mega Bunker, the larger cousin of the Orc Sektor.

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