Monday Motivation – Stay out of the Canals!

Greetings revelers of Venice! We have an important message from the City Guard to convey… STAY OUT OF THE CANALS!

Citizens of Venice, hear my voice or risk DEATH!

Mutated aquatic life has been rampant amongst the plebs of the docks for some time now. Unfortunately, the situation is worse than previously feared as new dismembered corpses have been found floating atop the water.  Of course, the Doctors have offered their support in this matter as the beast may be of interest to their studies. This is due to its enlarged claws, flattened skull, and protruding Dorsal fin.

Whilst the Ospedale’s residence seeks the beast, the Night Watch hunts the notorious, Jon Berenguer-Webb! The scoundrel has been on the run since introducing Venice to his Cymothoan Crusher and Hellhounds. Surely only he can be to blame for the monstrous, Hammerhead Karcharos prowling our fair city!

Hammerhead Karcharos

Jon Berenguer-Webb is back with his newest creation! Hammerhead Karcharos was the latest Carnevale event-exclusive miniature released so it was only a matter of time before we covered this miniature on Monday Motivation. It’s hard to pick a place to start with such a cool character but my favorite has to be the pose. Leaping out of the canals and towards its victim is a great fit for this shark and Jon has done a great job supporting the body through a single connecting base piece.

Jon has become pretty well known for his water effects in the Carnevale community and he always blows us away with his efforts. A lot of work went into creating this look which creates the illusion of the shark jumping out of the surface of the water.  The paint job is fantastic and you can see every muscle, scar, and wound. However, this isn’t the only threat to Venice as the doctors have dredged up even more abominations during their search.

The Rashaar have claimed sovereignty of the Canals and looking at all those sharks on the water, would you want to venture the streets of Venice?

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