Sunday Spotlight – Origins

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Spotlight! This week we’ll be taking a look at our friends in the states and Origins.

Firstly we want to thank the team at Gopher Mafia who represented us at the event. David and the rest of his Mafia got me to meet new and existing players for our games and the chaps even hold regular gaming sessions at their store so make sure you check out their online calendar.

Being UK based, it can be a struggle for us to attend all the international events we’d love to appear at. Thankfully at Origins TTCombat managed to make an appearance and we took full advantage by bringing along Carnevale and RUMBLESLAM!

Carnevale is a fast-paced skirmish game set along the canals of Venice and the event crew managed to introduce new players to the game. Better yet, they also managed to bring some new miniatures to the states. RUMBLESLAM is the perfect game for the home nation of WWE, AEW, and TNA as fantastical Wrestlers battle it out between the ropes. There was lots of interest in these two and we hope that everyone keeps in touch with Gopher which has a wide range of stock.

It wasn’t just miniatures on offer though as white box bundles and numerous amounts of MDF terrain were on offer. The White box bundles offer a great saving on enough terrain to fill your tabletop with game-specific buildings. If you couldn’t attend Origins but still want to pick up TTCombat products stateside fear not as Gopher Mafia has a wide range of stock available on their webstore.

If you, your local friendly gaming store, or an event your attending has TTCombat products we want to know. Just send us a picture of our products there and we’ll promote you on Sunday Spotlight.

We look forward to hearing from everyone and we can be contacted via or through our Social Media channels. In the meantime head over to the TTCombat webstore to access our full range of Resin and MDF.

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