UCM Behemoth Ready to Deploy!

Some brand new releases are arriving in the TTCombat store today! Humanity has been hard at work in the outer colonies in a desperate attempt to level the odds of war.

Following on from the Scourge, and PHR, the United Colonies of Mankind have joined the Behemoth club today! No longer will humanity fear the sight of the Tyrant or Chronus as the America has arrived to deliver some patriotic ass-kickings. Today’s enormous bipedal monster is the largest UCM miniature to ever be made for Dropzone Commander.

UCM Behemoth

Firstly, these monsters a heavier in sheer tonnage than all other known Behemoths! Their massive weight is predominantly down to their iron age weaponry (compared to the PHR) and the vast amount of armament protecting the crew. It’s extremely difficult to take one of these out of commission but we look forward to people trying.

The UCM’s like all Behemoths is available in two broad variants.

UCM America

The America would be unfit for its name if it wasn’t all about big guns! Armed with a pair of mighty UMH-1 Mass Drivers, this technology will be familiar for those with railgun knowledge. If you believe these weapons look oversized for the mammoth frame you’d be correct, as you’d more commonly find this weaponry on a starship. This variant is designed to tear into the core of the toughest armoured machines in existence and will prove a match for other factions’ Behemoths.

UCM Japan

The recently renamed UCM Japan was designed for a bit more general purpose and is thankfully cheaper to produce. The Japan has disregarded the elegant Mass Drivers for the chemically fired rotary UMH-9 Stormcrow Cannons. This change in weaponry gives this variant higher endurance in a fight however its ammunition does take up more physical space and depletes at an alarming rate. But, you are exchanging this for a blistering rate of fire. With this in mind, the Japan is best deployed against lightly armoured vehicles or clusters of infantry you wish to pummel into submission.

This resin miniature is an advanced kit and contains 61 parts allowing a wide range of customization. The UCM Behemoth is available to pre-order today for £95.

It’s an exciting time for Dropzone Commander so we have some new resin accessories available for your battlefield!

Wrecked Highway Accessories 

If you scavenge hard enough through these abandoned vehicles you might just find some fuel or even a running motor. This would be beneficial if you want to get out of the city before the Behemoths start to brawl. Wrecked Highway Accessories is the latest vehicle-based tabletop accessories designed for Dropzone Commander. These 10mm cars, buses and wrecks are perfect for filling out your board with traffic james and adding some cover for your infantry.

The set contains 5 wrecked piles, 2 random cars and a random bus. You can pre-order the Wrecked Highway Accessories today for £12.

Rooftop Fittings

The Rooftop fittings have been designed to add cover for your infantry seeking to gain a vantage point atop a building. This Scenery not only adds realism to your tabletop but can also be used to break line of sight. However, we don’t believe it will stand up to a Behemoth lowing through the building itself!

You’ll be able to pre-order the Rooftop Fittings today for £12.

Bunker Complex

Finally, we have the latest in Bunker Defence technology. The brand new Bunker Complex provides all the protection you and your 10mm family will need to whether out the giant Mech fight happening outside.  In addition to its thick armour, you’ll notice the Missile battery installed for repelling undesirables. TTCombat is pleased to report a 100% door efficiency as once they’re closed they can never be upon, not even from the inside!

This set contains 5 bunkers and 5 missile turrets which you can pre-order today for £12.

Due to the high demand for the previous Behemoths, all of today’s products will be on a 2 week pre-order and will begin to ship out on 10/06/22. 


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