TTBromley Thursday – Event Coverage: Rumbleslam, Heavyweights

Rumblemania is coming to TTBromley soon, and with that we had the realisation that we never properly covered the previous event, Heavyweights Let’s take a look!

Rumbleslam Events

We have been running Rumbleslam events at TTBromley for some time now. The crowd is growing quick and our next tournament, Rumblemania is shaping up to be the biggest yet. However, we are very aware that for most of you Bromley is a long way away. Therefore, with the upcoming organised play pack, debuting at Rumblemania, we hope to make it as easy as possible for anyone ro run their own Rumbleslam events.

Rumbleslam: Heavyweights

The event was run at the start of the year and featured teams of up to 1300K dosh and 1-2 Superstars. The name came from the fact that our very first learn to play event was named Lightweights. Thus, it was only natural many of our managers first tournament would be to graduate into the Heavyweights.

To the victor, the spoils!

In our humble opinion, when crowning a new champion, a proper belt is a necessity. It follows that we were offering one as a prize for the winner to take home with them. Bask in its glory! The fight was on, literally.

And the crowd goes wild!

What followed was four rounds of major carnage. To begin with, managers were scoring eliminations left and right, almost 100 in total! Secondly, multiple OHKO beatdows occurred in the opening match rounds alone. Ouch. In the end, the finalists were our two youngest managers, and brothers to boot, pitching the ‘Triassic5’ against ‘The Mushroom Bois’.

…and our new Champion is!

In the end the ‘Triassic5’ took it home! We must give special mention to ‘Purple Haze’ coming in a close third and to ‘Comet and the Meteorettes’ earning the title of ‘Beatdown King’. 
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you’re within travel distance of Bromley as we will be announcing all the details regarding Rumblemania at the start of next week. We promise that you’ll have enough time to add any Superstars you might need to fill your stable. With all the new releases it might be worth a visit to the TTCombat online store to make sure you haven’t missed some of the latest wrestlers to join Rumbleslam as of late. See you all next week!

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