Monday Motivation – Ragtag Resistance Army

Welcome to this week’s edition of Monday Motivation! We’ve got a busy week planned for Dropzone Commander, therefore we’ll be covering an army painted by the talented, Doby Young (aka

Before we cover the always ascetically pleasing Resistance Starter Army, did you see the latest addition to the UCM army?

Another Behemoth is coming this week and you can be sure we’ll be covering all the details you’ll need before release day on TTCommunity. Now, back to this week’s Monday Motivation.

The Resistance forces have utilized pre-war technology during its 160 years of isolation. Pre-war technology is not necessarily inferior to the updated weaponry wielded by rival factions yet, these Resistance assets are irreplaceable. This would probably explain why the Resistance weaponry looks pre-owned?

Doby Young has taken a break from RUMBLESLAM and put a lot of love and effort into their Resistance Starter Army.

Resistance Starter Army

Looking at this group shot you’ll see the whole gang is here! From 2 Kraken Hovercraft, 3 Lifthawks, 2 anti-tank Hannibals, 6 AA Gun Wagons, and 12 bases of Resistance Fighters in 6 Jackson Half Tracks. It’s a lot to take in but we’ll start with the ground forces.

Firstly, I really like that Doby has taken the ex-military livery usually seen on the Hannibal tanks and applied it to the 2 of the Jacksons also. The camo decal works well on small vehicles and its a nice touch to see the infantry also match. Secondly, you can clearly see the repair panels applied to the Hannibal’s body work which highlights the Resistance theme of if its broken… fix it.

The AA Gun wagons whilst simple deliver fantastic support during frontline engagements.  However, this often means that they take a lot of returned fire head on. This probably explains the battle damage afflicting Doby’s wagons which look great sporting their various large weaponry. Yet, my favourite unit of this army has to be the Hydra Relay Hovercraft and its small anarchy symbols adorning the front of the vehicle!

Finally we have the troop transport units. The Lifthawk looks fantastic in the blue and steel camo scheme however the Krakens clearly visible lifebuoy reminds me that this unit is ideally suited for a beach warfare yet to be seen on a Dropzone Tabletop.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us Doby! I look forward to seeing what other miniatures you share with the TTCommunity.

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