Sunday Spotlight – Holmfirth Gaming Centre Carnevale Event

Welcome to the first Sunday Spotlight! Going forward we want to use this and future editions to highlight your gaming group, store, or events.

We were made aware of a Carnevale event held at the FLG store, Holmfirth Gaming Centre by Mark & Owen who shared the day’s highlights online. Mark was also kind enough to email across some images of the event for us to show off.

The Event

Besides the great looking Streets of Venice MDF terrain and the Rashaar Schooner sporting some cannons (Non-TTCombat), it’s great to see some vibrant Carnevale boards in use. The guys even had prizes and RUMBLESLAM made an appearance. This was awarded to Tom who mark informed us came second place on the day with his Patricians.

Mark & Owen are hoping to grow the Carnevale presents at the Holmfirth Gaming Centre and also stock TTCombat products, including a great deal of Carnevale so make sure you head over to the Holmfirth Gaming Centre if you want to get into tabletop gaming with a great set of guys.

Thanks for sharing this with us! If you, your local friendly gaming store or an event your attending has TTCombat products we want to know. Just send us a picture of our products there and we’ll promote you on Sunday Spotlight.

We look forward to hearing from everyone and we can be contacted via or through our Social Media channels. In the meantime head over to the TTCombat webstore to access our full range of Resin and MDF.


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