Sneak Peek – Rumbleslam: Organised Play Regulations

Welcome to tonight’s main event! The Raging Beasts are pumped and angry, be prepared, anything could happe…. What? Regulations?! Yeah yeah, alright. Let’s have a clean, fair fight out there!

Rumbleslam: Organised Play

Attending tournaments is a fantastic way to enjoy Rumbleslam. Indeed, they offer an opportunity meet like-minded players, socialise, roll some dice and beat the living snot out of each other. The organised play rules are a set of rules and guidelines designed specifically to make it as easy as possible for anyone to organise a Rumbleslam event or tournament. In addition, they strive to make the game as fair as possible, and to ensure that all participants know what to expect.


The main design philosophy behind these rules have been to increase player agency as much as possible. Thereby increasing the number of choices a player can make around, and during, a match to archive success. Of course, dice will always play a major roll (pun intended), but even there we’ve introduced a small tweak to award players some bad luck protection. It is worth noting that these rules are still work in progress and changes may occur before they final release. Without further ado, let us have a peek at some of the ways the organised play changes the game.

The Stable & Lineup

This is a big one! We’ve changed how you create your lists when preparing for a tournament. Instead of bringing a single set list of wrestlers, you get to create a stable of ten. Then, once you’ve seen what your opponent might bring to the fight, you get to create a Lineup using any of the options you brought with your stable. This process opens up a lot of flexibility for both players to attempt to outplay each other. Oh, and free re-rolls! You’re welcome.

Rules Tweaks

For some the change to the 8+ Beatdown result may be controversial, the big one hit knockout is no doubt glorious and fun. However, in competitive play the luck of the dice can sometimes completely overshadow the best laid plans. As a result we’ve tuned it down a fair bit which keeps the high roll moment impactful without taking out the most powerful (and expensive!) wrestler in a single early blow. But, do remember that the OHKO isn’t gone, the organised play rules don’t replace the core rules outside of events.

On the Sidelines has a smidgen more agency baked in now, but may seem inconsequential. However, this change is mainly there to accommodate the new organised play match types, such as Tornado or Royal Scramble. Oh you want to know what those are? Well, you will have to wait… The full rules pack will be available some time in the near future, and will see their debut during our next official tournament run at TTBromley; Rumblemania!

In the meantime, why not start cooking up your perfect stable for the next event? Pop over to the TTCombat store to browse through all the eager wrestlers hoping to be part of tonight’s lineup.

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