WIP Wednesday – New Tower

A disaster has forsaken our latest MDF tower for this week’s WIP Wednesday!

Our designer Jonny has been working hard on this latest concept for the Fantasy Realms MDF range. We hope for this to be the tallest structure available in the Savage Domain set and even comes with a supporting smaller tower.

This kit has been designed to add new vertical gameplay options to your Fantasy tabletop. You’ll be able to see small floor sections throughout the tower with enough room to fit multiple miniatures. This will be an expert kit designed to be the centre point of the battlefield.

The second smaller tower is completely separate from its larger counterpart and works independently from it. Whilst you won’t be able to use the smaller interior, the ruined platform at the top will be perfect for placing a ranged unit.

This at present unnamed structure will be available first in a future event window. However make sure you checkout the rest of the TTCombat range here.


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