Teaser Tuesday – Space Stations & City Streets MDF

Welcome welcome welcome… TO SPACE! Where not even a Razorworm will be able to hear you scream. Thankfully Dave has been hard at work for all you Dropfleet Commander fans and we also have some MDF offerings this week.

Magnificent aren’t they? The latest additions to plunge the depths of space are arriving this Friday. The always pragmatic PHR are launching their domineering Space Station.

PHR Space Station

Looks sleek! What else would expect when dealing with the Post Human Republic? When an entire nation worships a sphere you’d be disappointed if this station wasn’t smooth. Equipped with Burnthrough lasers or a devastating cluster of missiles prepped to launch at any foolish Scourge Nosferatu which would attempt to enter PHR territory.

But let’s just say you haven’t been touched by the White Sphere and in fact you fancy something a little more ancient?

Shaltari Space Station

Now we know what you’re thinking and yes it is pointy. Available for your Shaltari fleet on Friday, this Station can be assembled in two variants but of course these ancients would go further than just trading out the weapons between these variants. But we’ll make you check our the New Release article on Friday for further details.

Now onto the latest additions to the TTCombat City Streets range.

Ruined Gothica Bank

This bank certainly won’t be keeping anyone’s money safe. The Gothica Bank has taken quite a battering since its heyday but with destruction comes new opportunities. Thanks to its now exposed 6 floors, your marauding force has numerous vantage points. Additionally why not use the broken walls to break your enemies line of sight or use it to launch an ambush? The Ruined Gothica Bank will be awaiting you this Friday.

Construction Yard Accessories

Ever seen labourers working hard building up impressive tabletop structures? Well thanks to the Construction Yard Accessories you will soon be able to live out that dream on your tabletop. Besides providing realism, you’ll be able to add new ways to break line of sight and gain vantage points. You’ll be able to fill out your tabletop further this Friday.

That’s all we have to show you for this week’s Teaser Tuesday, don’t forget to check back on Friday for all the week’s releases. Remember to stop by the TTCombat webstore for all your hobby needs and we will see you next time!

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