New Skittering RUMBLESLAM Characters & City Streets Releases

Its the 1st of April but luckily for you guys we aren’t fooling around with our releases today! God that was awful but anyway its Friday so of course we’re gonna end the week with new products. So if your a RUMBLESLAM fan or looking to expand your City Streets MDF terrain then your in the right place.

Do you hear it, the skittering? Thats the sound of new RUMBLESLAM releases! You don’t need to be a grey-seer to know that the Rotten Rodents have arrived!

Rotten Rodents

The Rotten Rodents have arrived in the Feral Den! Their cousins the Furry Fury decided it was no fun having their tails handed to them by the Runic Thunder so brought these Rodents up from whatever hell-pit they were spawned.

The hulking Rodentia Bubonica fills a weight 3 base whilst the nimble Dusk Runner is the fastest wrestler in the game. But maybe you want to shock your opposition with The Mole-Rat Pugilist and its flapping folds of skin? Perhaps you want to wow the crowd with Ring Rat or you could just poison them with the Ralchemist? But when don’t forget about the tiny Sewer Rat! This little rodent is so cute and full of poison.

You can purchase these Rotten Rodents today for £25!

Trash Ratus

Hey RUMBLESLAM fans, do you fancy having a good time with Trash Ratus? Just be careful because at any moment you could end up in face first in the trash. Elegant, graceful and reserved are all words which cannot be used to describe this wild wrestler! However this feral garbage chick is a perfect all-rounder. Watch our for her signature move Ratusphere or you’ll end up in a world of hurt.

Trash Ratus is never owned but can be harnessed today for £8.

Sir Scratch Flagon

Oh he’s tough and certainly heavy! Well, when he’s wearing all that armour at least. Sir Scratch Flagon is ain’t no rat, he’s one honourable mouse. Bringing a huge amount of Defence to your RUMBLESLAM team this mouse just soaks up punishment like you wouldn’t believe. Better yet, if a weaker character is about to be annihilated fear not as this noble mouse will jump in the way and take the damage.

You can summon the services of Sir Scratch Flagon today for £7.


Can you hear that tune? Doesn’t it just want to make you dance and dance until you drop? This rocking rat is Rattenfänger, the merry old rat who controls a  band of smaller rats in the ring.

The ultimate support wrestler, Rattenfänger has the ability to move friendly wrestlers around the ring, summon rats and recover stats. However this rodent isn’t alone as he’s accompanied by the incredibly fast Gutter Rat, the dice re-rolling Pack Rat and Sack rat whose pillow helps friendly wrestlers take a quick nap to recover stamina. Even better is the fact these smaller rats are Rookies so they don’t need Rattenfänger to take them into the ring.

You can purchase the little merry band today for only £12.

Dr Blight

The doctor will see you now… Dr Blight has arrived in RUMBLESLAM! This towering rat pumps his subjects full of a mysterious substance which may or may not be poison. While his scientific knowledge is unmatched, he is definitely a germaphobe which explains the stilts and preferring to let his Lab Rat get its hands dirty. Whilst we do not condone experimenting on animals, it would be very exciting to see what new experiments Dr Blight will carry out on the Lab Rat.

You can purchase this dastardly duo today for £8.

Now its time to take a look at todays latest MDF offerings bursting onto the TTCombat store.

Ruined Celestial Drive-In

Picture a simpler time. Your Grandparents have gone to watch a movie down at the drive in theatre and then BOOM! the whole thing has blown to pieces whilst dear old me-ma and poppa start new lives as raiders! Whilst you can’t watch the latest talkie on the screen anymore, it will make for an excellent vantage point from which to take aim. Thanks to an unsuspecting hideout and multiple cover points, the Ruined Celestial Drive-In is perfect for 28-35mm urban tabletop warfare.

You can set up camp at the Ruined Celestial Drive-In today for £22.

Ruined Multi-Storey Parking Lot

Do you remember the Multi-Storey Parking Lot? Well time hasn’t been kind to the structure and the marauders moving in certainly didn’t help. But who can blame them for wanting to claim this strategic set? With a high vantage points and numerous line of sight breaking points you’ll have plenty of opportunities to set a trap! Ideal for 28-35mm tabletop gaming, this ruined set will be perfect for any modern warfare tabletop game.

The Ruined Multi-Storey Parking Lot is available today for £22.

Construction Cabins

Roll up your sleeves and put in a hard day’s graft at the Construction Cabins. With a single office, accessible office, and double sized office buildings, no industrial project can’t be tackled. This set also comes with some lighting so you can carry on working throughout the night. Made from 28-35mm this set is perfect for filling out a Modern of Post apocalyptic tabletop.

You can purchase the Construction Cabins from today for £18.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

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