Scurrying WIP Wednesday

Looks like a mischief of rats have been caught having a party in the ring…disturbing them probably isn’t wise!
We are heading to the rings of RUMBLESLAM for this week work in progress Wednesday. We have a new booster team coming for the Feral Den very soon, so we thought we would have a look at some of the new wrestlers. I say wrestlers but…

You may recall seeing one of these little fluffballs in the Advent Calendar but it looks like he’s now got some friends!

What could they possibly do? To be honest, probably not much, for starters one is asleep! Maybe they’ll steal your sweets or scamper their way into your heart?  They are tiny little rats after all, so give them some credit!

Hopefully they don’t cause too much destruction whilst we wait to see what they do, nobody wants a hole in the ring. In the meantime, prepare yourself for their incoming invasion and visit the TTCombat store for all your RUMBLESLAM needs!

Seriously though, what are they going to do?!




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