Teaser Tuesday – Carnevale & DCS MDF

On this weeks Teaser Tuesday we have some exciting MDF additions to our City Streets range and Carnevale single miniatures.

We thought it be a great time to update our Carnevale single miniatures offerings available on the TTCombat webstore. Have you previously wanted to purchase a single miniature?

Carnevale Singles

Maybe your a Guild player but theres just that one seductive Strigoi luring your soul towards the undead. Perhaps your a Vatican player who can’t resist the luscious lout that is the Brewer… Now you can you purchase even more single miniatures! Most factions (sorry Rashaar) has new singles which will be available for purchase this Friday.

Derelict Motel


The Derelict Motel is among our latest releases to our DCS range of products. This kit has been designed to be split into several sections and will allow gamers to make the most of their latest addition. You’ll be able to purchase this kit and all of our MDF offerings this Friday.

Cedar Wood Ruin

The Cedar Wood Ruin is a wrecked variant of the previous Cedar Wood House. Ruined by time, the upper walls are gone but thankfully this has provided new opportunities for interior play. Even the doghouse as survived! well mostly. Again, you’ll be able to purchase the Cedar Wood Ruin this Friday.

That’s it for teasers this week, be sure to check back on Friday to see the full release. In the meantime head over to the TTCombat webstore to access our full range of Resin and MDF.


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