Teaser Tuesday – Sand Raider Army & City Streets MDF

We’re still getting back to normal following storm Eunice but its certainly nice to have the power back on! Our team have been working hard during this period and on this Teaser Tuesday we can reveal some new products realising Friday. Without wanting to waste your time we will jump into the first tease you can expect this week.

Halfling Sand Raider Army

Undead Mummies are not the only force to claim dominion over the sand dunes and desert oasis. Well when you consider the thought, it be rather boring for those rattling ribs if they didn’t have a little competition. Clad in splendour raiment, the Halfling Sand Raider Army are marching on the TTCombat store this Friday. Comprising of 3 unique heroes, artillery, cavalry, infantry and support units, the Sand Raiders are a well balanced force. No longer confined to Kickstarter, gamers will be also be able to purchase individual sets from the army in blister format.

Rocket Launchers

Through shrewd trading and definitely not by means of force, these Halflings are in possession of Rocket Launchers! Accidents are a common occurrence when using alchemical fire but we don’t need to convince you of that. They may explode upon firing the first time but if the volley takes out some undead then so be it. Now, a second death can come to the undead from afar to end their perpetual torment.

Camel Riders

Do they smell? probably, but these reliable flea infested giants make for perfect cavalry. Granted they might not be able to gallop across the sands like a majestic horse but thanks to their heroic humps, no desert creature has superior endurance to these camels. Armed with spears these Halfling riders are lead by a Champion, Musician and Standard-bearer.

Halfling Spearman  

Stab them with the pointy end! or hurl them spears towards those tasty Ostriches mmm… Ostrich steaks. The Sand Raider Spearman are frontline infantry perfect for deploying those deadly shafts into the faces of rotting mummy corpses. Fearsome fighters who are difficult to break, these troops will prove necessary for a decisive victory.

Lord on Flying Carpet

I can show you the world shining, shimmering, sand splendour! Yes walking is so overrated. That’s why the Sand Raider Lord has decided to ensure his girth remains intact by flying his magic carpet across the field of battle. It is even said he uses this floating wonder when going to the bathroom! Fingers crossed he doesn’t run out of toilet paper… This is just 1 of 3 Sand Raider Hero who can be purchased this Friday.

We’ve got plenty of additional releases to the Halfling Sand Raider forces which will be revealed on Friday! Now onto some new MDF releases to our City Streets range.

Ramshackle Cul-de-Sac

War, war never changes. This beautiful cul-de-sac was home to happy families but since the fallout this sanctuary is now a wreckage. Although plucky scavengers will surely be able to find a use for the Ramshackle Cul-de-Sac. Comprised of 4 large structures and several pieces of debris, players will be able to arrange this terrain across their tabletop to create a unique board. You’ll be able to pick up this set on Friday!

Derelict Suburbia

Finally we have the Derelict Suburbia! thanks to its partially standing roof these properties might not be as vacant as initially thought… How troublesome. Made from 3mm MDF this set is the perfect place to launch an miniature based caravan raid from. Additionally thanks to an arching roof, multi tier movement is simple. Scatter terrain is in abundance and you can even hide behind a BBQ!

That is all for this weeks teasers, be sure to check back on Friday to find out more about this weeks releases. In the meantime, if any of these kits have sparked your curiosity. Then you can find our full range of products here.

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