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Greetings fellow Dropzoners! Welcome to the first Dropzone centric WIP post of the brand new year

Lets get to it! This week we are featuring some new MDF scenery design which will be released in the coming weeks. I have taken the liberty of scurrying around one of my colleague’s desks and found these beauties. I’m not entirely sure what they are but I can see some serious potential for table top scenery here.

Sanctuary Junction (Post-war)

First up we have some silo type buildings. At 10mm scale these buildings stand fairly tall (when next to a miniature that is). Adding these to your tabletop will add a bit of dynamic space to your aerial fights and provide cover for your troops on the ground.

Sanctuary Junction (Post-war)

Next up we have a rendering plant of sorts. Forgive me if I am not making much sense but I call it like I see it. Providing some platform area for a higher attack or vantage point. Everything else aside, this particular building just looks super cool. I feel like it should be brewing some tasty beers in there.

Sanctuary Junction (Post-war)

Last but not least is an old favourite, re-invented and soon to be re-released. The Underground Hanger has been reverse engineered and re-designed in MDF! Some of you may remember this little gem from the Hawk days. it used to be made out of resin but worked out to be really pricey. So, we re-designed it making it a bit more accessible for our community.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to keep an eye on the  TTCombat webstore so you dont miss any of our new releases.

See you later table toppers!

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